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A path to stability for the justice-involved community

Greater opportunity to secure long-term success

Justice Reskill provides access to an accessible online learning platform, ‘whole person’ resources, and an active support community to help you land a career in tech and earn above living wage.

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Combining the power of technology and workforce development to reform criminal justice

Justice Reskill is creating a new paradigm at the intersection of tech, equity, and justice reform. Due to an ongoing talent shortage, nearly every major tech company is competing for a limited number of qualified technical employees. Most predictions indicate that this shortage is not going to end any time soon. The justice-involved population presents a unique opportunity for companies to fill gaps in the workforce with talented, hard-working, and often overlooked people. By centering equity, we ensure that those who are most impacted by the criminal justice system gain the resources they need to help lead justice reform for generations to come.

Level up your skills and get a career in tech

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Take your project to another level

Introducing our software development services

We are excited to introduce an important piece of our organization - JR Launch - a custom software development agency ready to build your next project and help our apprentices launch promising new tech careers. We build solutions for early-stage startups, software development agencies, accelerators and venture capital firms, and more. Every project we take on creates a new career-building opportunity for our growing team of apprentices.

Ready to launch your next project?

Introducing the Fair Chance Hiring Platform

A new collaborative effort to reduce recidivism, increase public safety, and create more jobs by employing justice-involved individuals across the State of Colorado and beyond.

“Fair chance hiring” refers to the practice of employers hiring people with criminal records. It is built on the premise that everyone deserves fair consideration for jobs they are qualified for.

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Reskilling America’s justice-involved community

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