A new technical reskilling platform for the justice-involved community

Core Technical Skills + Essential Skills

Justice Reskill creates a robust community of highly skilled and reskilled professionals who have transitioned from justice involvement to successful careers in tech and related industries. We'll be ready to launch nationwide before the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, we’re still working out the kinks. Want to be the first to know? Sign up for the private beta and we’ll email you with an invite code as soon as we can! 

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The justice-involved community faces often insurmountable odds towards reentry

  • Among the 70 million formerly incarcerated folks in the US, about 27% are unemployed
  • Between 60 -75% are unemployed 1 year after release
  • 50 - 63% are less likely to get a job application callback
  • Individuals net worth decreases $47,500 in the years after incarceration

Source: 2018 Prison Policy Report & The Center for America Progress 

Our Solution

Instead of expecting justice-involved learners to fight for themselves in a nuanced, stigmatized environment, the Justice Reskill program creates a community where skills development is the focus.

We have two ways to engage with our programs.

  • Justice Involved Learners

    At the center of our program is an online skills platform that focuses on core, marketable technical skills, along with essential professional development resources. We'll cover topics like logic & problem solving, software development, customer experience, technical recruiting along with essential career advancement skills. This platform will be offered free of charge for the justice-involved community.

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  • Community Partners

    In addition to our online learning skills platform, we collaborate with community partners like the Second Chance Center in Aurora, Colorado, to provide a directed learning experience for justice-involved individuals. In these partnerships, we work with mission-aligned reentry organizations that are interested in creating a cohort for their participants.

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    Early Partners & Supporters