Reskilling America’s Justice-Involved Community

Building new futures for the justice-involved community

Justice Reskill offers the justice-involved community much more than a fresh start or a second chance. With training in high-level technical skills and essential career-focused support, we’re empowering justice-involved individuals to transcend personal and societal limitations to secure long-term professional & financial success.

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The justice-involved community faces often insurmountable odds towards reentry

Racial and ethnic disparities are a defining characteristic of our criminal justice system.

  • Among the 70 million formerly incarcerated folks in the US, about 27% are unemployed
  • Between 60 -75% are unemployed 1 year after release
  • 50 - 63% are less likely to get a job application callback
  • Individuals net worth decreases $47,500 in the years after incarceration

Source: 2018 Prison Policy Report & The Center for America Progress

  • Black Americans make up only 13% of the US population but 40% of our prison population
  • Latino/Hispanic Americans make up only 16% of the US population but 19% of our prison population

Our Solution

Justice Reskill works to secure greater opportunity and long-term financial stability for the justice-involved community. With our accessible learning platform and our vibrant network of support, we equip our participants with the resources and environment they need to achieve lasting career success.

  • Wealth Generation

    We set our participants on a course to earn true career-level wages, which are crucial for accumulating the personal and family savings necessary to take on future opportunities and overcome inevitable setbacks.

  • Community

    Community is not a given for many justice-involved individuals; thus, we actively cultivate a sense of belonging for all participants, along with an inclusive professional network that we hope offers lifelong career support.

  • Future-Focused Skills

    Unlike existing learn-to-code platforms, which focus exclusively on technical skills, we also equip our participants with the “soft” skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a technology-related career.

  • Whole Person Support

    To fix the broken journeys of our community, we must eliminate barriers like lack of access, mental health issues, and financial illiteracy. We confront these realities with intentional programming and partnerships focused on strengthening the whole person.

Partners & Supporters