Seeking a more stable, higher-wage career path in technology?

Justice Reskill programs are designed exclusively for the justice-involved community and focus on training in modern tech skills, web development, customer experience, data science, and other skills needed to advance into fulfilling, stable, professional careers in technology.

Our programs are 100% free for all admitted justice-involved students.

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Our programs are designed to put you on a path of true economic stability by aligning skills in demand in the technical industry.  

Intro to Tech Skills

Our Intro to Tech Skills course ensures that our students have a firm grasp of the foundational tools needed to advance in the world of tech. Topics include the history and components of a computer; how they work; understanding the internet and using in-demand tools like Zoom, Slack, the Google Suite, and other cloud-based tools.

Front End Web Development

The Front End web development course prepares the student to build modern responsive websites and applications. Students learn how to program using coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Express, Node, MongoDB, and React. This program is often the first step on the way to becoming a software developer and other tech adjacent roles.

Back End Web Development

The Back End web development program teaches the student how to navigate the 'behind the scenes' functionality of websites and other applications. It's coding that connects the front end to the database and manages user connections. Some of the programming languages we cover are advanced React, MySQL, PostgresSQL and Python. Most students complete this course after finishing a front-end program. 

Full Stack Capstone Project

Our Full Stack Capstone Project is the culmination of our Front End + Back End Web Development programs, designed to give the students their first opportunity to design and build a complete application. The final project is completed over a 3 week period under the guidance of our Engineering mentors. Students utilize the skills in previous courses to build a technical solution to a common societal problem. Once the project is completed and approved, the student receives a graduate certificate as an entry-level Developer and is eligible to apply for our Apprentice program. 

Who is eligible?

People who have been formerly incarcerated in jail or prison or participated in a court-mandated diversion program. Former and current victims of the school-to-prison pipeline.

What is the schedule?

The foundational course is a 14-week Front End Web Development program. Classes take place 3 times per week on evenings and weekends.

FAQs for Students